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Commercial License

Stabile is free for non-commercial use. You must however aquire a commercial license if you run Stabile on a total of more than 32 physical CPU cores in your organization.

The reason for having a commercial license attached to an open source product is, to try to establish a viable business model, so we can maintain the product, and hopefully improve it.

The commercial license model implements a per physical core licensing model, with a fee per physical core of 5 USD per month, including technical support and 24/7 emergency support.

In general we guarantee, that if we succeed in having a substantial amount of paying licensees, we intend to decrease per license pricing, not increase. Our overall goal is to contribute to making solid, efficient, physical infrastructure management a commodity, not a luxury item.

If you plan to run Stabile on more than 32 physical CPU cores, please contact us in order to aquire a commercial license.